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Ribbons and Labels For Barcode Printers

We carry reputable brands of barcode ribbons and labels for several barcode printer models. Our ribbons and labels can be purchased and delivered to you within short notice. 

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The Principles Behind The Barcode Ribbons

To deposit by means of a heat source thermofusible ink on paper or synthetic support. The inkcoated on a polyester film is solid at ambient temperature, but under the effects of heat, the ink becomes fluid and is transferred from the support outs the receptor.

Thermal Transfer ribbon

The Thermal Transfer ribbon is a PET film upon which a thermofusible ink is deposited on one side and a protective layer called back coating on the other side.

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Perfect Match

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Label Printing Services

We provide in-house printing of barcode labels & tags. Also supply blank barcode labels and ribbons for use on most of the Barcode printers.
We carry stock of difference sizes of label and ribbon for immediate delivery.
Label materials are Aluminum foil paper, Art paper, Polyester labels, PVC labels, Wood-free labels and others.

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